Elaine Mayson-scarf store. How to tie my ‘Cloud’ scarf from the Lainey May range.

Elaine Mayson the creator of the Lainey May range of Ballerina silk scarves shows you one of many ways to wear your ‘Cloud’ scarf. This style is called the ‘Tie over’ and enables you to show off one of the ballerina’s in the design, as well as adding a touch of glamour to your outfit.

1. Fold the scarf in a triangle.
2 Put the scarf round your neck making sure one end is longer than the other.
3 Take the longer end and knot it at the side of your neck.
4 Throw the end over your shoulder.
5 Pull down the part of the scarf round your neck.
6 Open up the design on the end of the scarf that is at the front.
7 An inventive way to show your ballerinas on your scarf, whilst adding a touch of class to your outfit.