How to tie the Lainey May Range of Ballerina Silk Scarves

Muriel, a French lady from the Cote d’Azur shows you how to tie a jacket with the ‘Sunset Ballerina Silk Scarf. It truly is a wonderful way to wear this scarf as it displays the dance couple beautifully on the back of the jacket.

  1. Take hold of two corners of the ‘Sunset scarf’
  2. Tie a double knot with the ends.
  3. Put your arm through the hole made by tying the two ends together.
  4. Take the other two ends and make a double knot.
  5. Put your arm through the hole made by the tying of these two ends together.
  6. If the correct ends are tied together it forms a stylish jacket with the Ballerina dancers upright on the back panel of the jacket.
  7. ‘Eh Voila! ‘
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