The scarves are made from 100% finest silk, soft and luxurious. They measure 107 square centimetres. Elaine has combined her skill of photographing iconic buildings in London with her passion of dance to produce a spectacular tribute to London and dance in her bespoke design.

Tower Bridge, London is the first design, in a set of three, that have London iconic buildings as their subject. The scarves are best worn as a accessory to your outfit and will add not only quality to your outfit, but an interesting talking point for both people who love London and dance.

The scarves are versatile and can be worn tied round the shoulders or draped to show off the amazing ballerina design . They can also be worn as a head scarf and will lend a dash of magic to any outfit.

Presented in black boxes with tissue paper, each box contains a card with Elaine logo and a short resume of her dance career and origins of her designs.

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